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Nedim Tolga SUER
Tax and Audit Partner / Sworn in CPA / Independent Auditor

Nedim Tolga SUER

Mr. Süer started his career in 2004 at the Ministry of Finance Tax Inspection Board after graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University. During his work as an Tax Inspector between 2004 and 2011, he has conducted tax audits on behalf of the Minister of Finance in the fields of energy, finance, telecommunication, textile, automotive, information, logistics, real estate, health, food, tourism, pharmaceuticals, construction, logistics, metals, petrochemicals, and similar sectors, and took part in the research and investigation teams established for these sectors.

Between the years 2011-2013, he continued his investigations in the Tax Inspection Board Thin Capitalization, Transfer Pricing, and Offshore Income Group. During his service in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Süer has been appointed to the UK for one year to research Foreign Investment Incentives in the UK Tax System.

In January 2013, Mr. Süer had resigned from his duties in the public sector and had been appointed as the Director of Finance of Kibar Holding Inc. group of companies, one of the leading groups of our country. Mr. Süer who had resigned from his position of Director of Finance in 2015, today continues to work as a Tax Consultant for Kibar Holding Group of Companies. Today, Mr. Süer continues his professional life as the the Certified Public Accountant under the roof of NTS Certified Councillorship Auditing and Consultancy Inc. which he is the founder, is proud of bringing the knowledge and experience he gained at the highest levels of the public and private sector to his country's economy through his clients.

He has comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of tax law, tax disputes and solutions, transfer pricing, implicit capital, international tax law, zoning law, energy law, commercial law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, company restructuring, family constitutions, and institutionalization processes and capital market legislation.

He has many articles published in nationally refereed journals and he lectures Tax Law courses within the body of TESMER. He was awarded the title of Independent Auditor in 2011 the CMB and also in 2016 by the Public Oversight Agency.  He holds a Corporate assessment license given by the CMB. He has memberships of Account Experts Foundation, İstanbul Chamber of SCPA, Institute of International Financial Management, Political Science Graduates Association.


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